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FoCo Cafe: Reggie Sterling

Reggie Sterling, one of FoCo Cafe's most frequent volunteers, was introduced after his church minister brought it up during a homelessness and community outreach sermon. Prior to the Cafe, Reggie had spent three years volunteering with a local rescue mission helping those in need. What surprised him the most was FoCo Cafe's dedication to the community, "here everybody cares for the community and support comes from all sides to keep the place open". In addition to providing meals to everyone in the community, FoCo Cafe also helps "sustain local farmers in producing organic food for better healthy eating". It's this deep connection between consumers and producers that make the Cafe stand out and brings Reggie back time and time again. Here he can help give the homeless and those in need a place to get "a hot meal, a smile, and empowerment". (Davis Bonner | Collegian)